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  1. Its now 2018 and it's been nearly 4 years since this was broken and you guys still haven't fixed this? And no explanation to defend the awful idea and no good instructions to get around it. You still have to use the browser menu, which is most often turned off for anyone trying to be productive, OR you have to instinctively know to right-click on one of the correct magic pixels, also knowing from memory that there is more than one 'location' for right clicking that yields different results. Really terrible decision to ignore people who still need to print. This is not a UI designed by a company with a focus on UX.
  2. Hey guys. I like Evernote, so don't get me wrong. I haven't used it as often as I plan to but there are some parts of this that have NEVER worked for me. First, here is what I am using. Windows 7 running both Firefox and Chrome iPhone 4 running most current OS as of today - 09/19/2011 - whatever that is. The parts that continually fail: OCR in pics. It has never worked as long as I've been using Evernote, maybe 16-18 months. It has never once found text in a pic when searching. It ALWAYS fails. There doesn't appear to be any commands anywhere to Catelog the text on pics or to scan pics, etc. I have taken pics with my iphone, webcam, pro camera. I have very carefully handwritten notes AND taken pictures CLOSE UP of PRINTED TEXT... STILL NOTHING... The attach picture video is VERY WRONG - since there is NO multi pic selection option in the ad from camera roll dialog. Just ONE pic at a time, no little red checkmarks. In Chrome there is NO WAY to see your pics in ONE screen since there is NO ZOOM feature that can be found, like there is in Firefox. But I figure you know that oversight already and the web app is new. Also since I'm reporting bugs, In FIREFOX, the delete key on the keyboard doesn't delete notes. You must muse to the top right and click Delete. Dumb, but I figure you're still perfecting. anyway - that's it. Most of the stuff mentioned is just annoying, and nothing more. But the inability to recognize ANY TEXT at all, even TYPED numbers, is really sad. It's been this way for at least the last 1.5 years.
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