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  1. God, I am so despising Evernote so much these past few months.. Untrustworthy, unreliable. Modified Notes sometimes do not get saved. Both the Mac Desktop and Safari Web versions are so unreliable that I have to resort to copy/paste onto Apple's Notes to have some backup just in case Evernote decides to go on its frequent spinning exercises, which eventually loses the modifications made!! What a shambles..
  2. Finally!! At long, long, long, long last! Version 10.7.6 fixes the mess of red dotted lines everywhere in my Evernote!!! It's almost like an entire new App!! Seriously, I was looking for alternate Notes apps.. I was really this close to tearing my hairless head out.. I wonder why it took so long to sort out the Ignore Spell Check function. Now looking forward to the day when I can have my very own coloured text (pink, maroon) back... Do not give up hope.
  3. My pages are littered with red dotted lines because I use Italian words as well as English. I used to be proud of my pages. Now they look a right mess! I've even resorted to typing out red dotted line words onto Notes on the Mac, and then selecting them to 'ignore spelling' and then go back to Evernote so the red dotted line can go away! And even then, certain 'doctored' words still insist on the dreaded dotted red line! Pwefft! Is it really so difficult to incorporate an 'Ignore Spell Check' option?!!
  4. Yup! All my medical notes/text were in a deep red maroon shade. As against various other text colours in my daily journals. All up the creek now..
  5. To my utter disgust, I see all my dates, numbers, etc., all turned back into horrible hyperlinks, after spending hours unlinking them. So I spend a few more hours unlinking them again, telling myself I must not use Evernote on my iPhone, ever. Then, a few days later, I forget _not_ to ever open Evernote on the iPhone, and I find my numbers, dates, hyperlinked to nowhere again. I go through the Groundhog Day process, hating the myth that Evernote cannot/wouldn't fix this PiA PoS.. I can even live with the inconsistent GUI interfaces, but this automatic hyperlink is driving me nuts. HELP!
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