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  1. iMac (2015 retina) OS Big Sur 11.3.1 upon opening Evernote i am caught in an endless loop of a splash screen to restart the app. have to force quit in order to break out. tried uninstalling Evernote, reboot machine. then download latest version of Evernote & reinstall. still doesn't work. i can't get to the crashlog because the app never opens. it gets stuck in the opening splash screen.
  2. Big Sur on iMac - having the same issue. keeps crashing on opening the app. gets caught in unless loop of a screen to quit & restart. have to force quit in order for it to go away. my MacBook pro has the same Big Sur 11.3.1 & Evernote works fine. tried deleting app, rebooting. download the latest version off of App Store = no luck. still crashes. unable to get a crashlog because it doesn't let me start the app.
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