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  1. I tend to agree with this comment It was great a few years back so stable and although some of the new features I find really useful (adding tables and lines) while on the move on my phone I could work around Thos RTE which seems more focused on the business user side seems to be causing a lot of issues As a thought why not have different versions for different users rather than having on version where certain options are unlocked?
  2. That’s interesting and no not yet i thought it was just because of the latest IOS updates but maybe it’s not i am now going to raise
  3. Hi and thanks for the idea it’s just frustrating when it was working fantastic and now it’s not if I follow your advice I will have to go back to records in 2020 which is a lot of notes lol
  4. Have been using Evernote since around 2011 and keen to see the latest updates which I normally get as soon as they are out and essentially use on my phone as it’s easier than using in a desktop One of the things I use Evernote for is almost like a calendar of daily events I am now finding if I look back at a record say of last year and scroll to the bottom to review some of the comments I have entered the new auto save feature thinks I am making changes and logs it as a ‘today’ note. This means if I open a 2022 note it’s totally out of sequence compared to all the other 2022 notes I have seen some say go offline but that’s not really full proof and not sure if this will then still put the 2022 note to the top of the list once back online Is there a way to turn off the auto saving on an iPhone? kind Regards
  5. I agree as well with having the option to disable it, why shouldn’t we have the choice some ideas are good, some not so, this one not so...
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