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  1. Logged in to +1 this request. Would be something I would use all the time, especially with the new Gmail clipping functionality.
  2. With CMD+Shift+D, I would like to have YYYY-MM-DD as a format option. (Or perhaps the ability to choose our own formatting for our own personal system.) Thanks!
  3. Wow, I apparently did not look hard enough at the File dropdown menu. Sorry for my error. But since I had never used this function, I went looking for it, expecting to not find it, and I guess I just overlooked it.
  4. It auto-saves notes. There is no option to manually save an EN note in the menu bar.
  5. They do monitor the forums and often reply. I'd consider submitting it as a bug. It may be a Lion-related issue, since others have said (above in the thread) that the most updated version of Snow Leopard doesn't have the trouble.
  6. Yeah, I know. I think what I would try for iOS is to have a tag that sorts automatically to the top of the tag list in iOS. Something like: #tasklistThen you tap on Tags > #tasklist > note that contains your tasks. Best we can do, I think.
  7. Thanks, I didn't know that. I have the same setup and it looks like my Spotlight doesn't search Evernote notes either. Wonder if that feature is returning soon...?
  8. Here's something you could try, at least on the Mac client. Create a tag, called "Task List" (or whatever suits you). Drag that tag from the tag list to the Favorites bar. Don't use the tag on any other note other than your task list. One click on the tag name in the Favorites bar will bring up the note. Or, heck, just drag your task list note itself to the favorites bar. That also gives one-click access. It's not exactly what you want, true. But it's as close as we're getting for now (until the mythical Evernote to-do app surfaces...? a guy can dream).
  9. I don't know if I have more Mac knowledge than the next person, in the sense that I don't think I can be of any help in diagnosing the problem. But I would suggest trying to rebuild the Spotlight index. Here's a link describing how to force Spotlight to do that: http://osxdaily.com/2012/01/17/rebuild-spotlight-index/ Hope that helps.
  10. I have not experienced any noticeable performance benefit from having multiple notebooks. My take is that any time saved from having multiple notebooks is probably lost in maintaining a notebook/tag structure.
  11. I may be a little late to the party on this topic, but I have a bunch of saved searches and it would be nice to have a dropdown popover from the Favorites Bar for saved searches.
  12. App Cubby has a useful app that I just discovered. This app is called Launch Center. It allows you to create two-tap shortcuts that enable you to do common tasks on your iPhone a bit faster. One tap opens Launch Center; the next tap executes your pre-defined action. For example, you can use Launch Center to go straight to the OmniFocus for iOS Create New Task screen: My question is whether Evernote has an app URL like OmniFocus does which would take me straight to the "Create New Note" screen, thus bypassing the default "All Notebooks" screen. Having a URL like that might enable faster note creation.
  13. I agree with trumpetg - the changes to the note info area and the popover are elegant and much improved. Thanks for listening to our feedback! The first thing I check with these new betas is whether right-clicking or double-tapping on a PDF or an image crashes the program. (I reported this issue earlier - see Ticket #16051-48185. And this thread essentially describes my problem.) As far as I can tell, it has not been resolved. At the very least, Evernote no longer gives the spinning beach ball of death - it just shuts down almost immediately and opens up a crash reporter. One thing I hadn't noticed before, however, just is the Evernote crash reporter - after a crash, a new window pops up and invites me to send details in. I have never seen this before and it makes reporting crashes pretty effortless. That is also a very welcome change. Hopefully the crash reports I have sent - already about five or so - help to make the program better.
  14. Which kinds of 3rd party plugins, just out of curiosity? I have not installed any plugins to Evernote, but could a plugin elsewhere be causing Evernote problems?
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