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  1. Yes, I am aware of this, but this is not what I want. I don't want to save a snapshot, a picture, a lossy copy of a webpage and then have Evernote try to recreate the information in the original. I want the best of both worlds: a rendered web page as it looked when I looked at it originally and with the information in it as intact as possible (search, copy/cut-paste). The saved PDF-version was like that. In 10 years, when I go back to all my old web clippings in PDF I have in Evernote (and in my Dropbox account and on my local harddrive and on my backup-NAS-raid), they will look the same and I can use the information in them. A server side OCR processed copy of a PNG/JPG-image is not the same thing. Please understand, I am not complaining about the loss of this feature in Evernote (see this thread in the Evernote Web forum: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=29001#p127660). I am just trying to find a solution to the problem. /ET
  2. Content is not just "content", not only the actual text. Content is layout, typefaces, pictures etc. I want to preserve web pages as I saw them in my current web browser, when they were published. Yes, I've tried Skitch and as far as I understand, it makes a bitmap of the web page. Not the same. /ET
  3. Now when the "save webpage as PDF" functionality in the Evernote web clipper isn't around, is there any other good way to save a web page as a one-page PDF (to be imported by me into Evernote)? I'm open to all suggestions (other browsers than Safari, command line tools, gui tools, web services etc) except weird web services that charge money. I'm also open to all suggestions to solve the actual problem — how to save a webpage locally, rendered as close as possible to what I see in a modern web browser — without actually using PDFs. So far everything I've tried either doesn't work or just doesn't work good enough. Requirements: [*:2jnrj6ca] Working in a MacOS X Lion environment. [*:2jnrj6ca] One page, no margins. Result as close as the rendered web page as possible. [*:2jnrj6ca] Text as text, not a bitmap picture of the rendered text. Searchable. [*:2jnrj6ca] Fast to use, non-invasive. [*:2jnrj6ca] Optional bonus-points if I can save exactly what I see in my browser. Makes it possible for example to control if I want to save ads or not (by turning on or off the ad blocker extension). All these things were what was so great about the old Evernote webclipper. Printing as PDF isn't good enough as you get margins and it splits it into physical pages. All tools that really just takes a bitmap-picture of the webpage and then saves it as a PDF are out of the question. Among the many problems with this is the obvious loss of fidelity and that the text non-searchable. So ... suggestions? /ET PS. I'm posting this in the Mac forum as I'm looking for all possible tools that I can use in a MacOS X Lion environment.
  4. I'm also a premium Evernote subscriber (for 2 years I think) and my main use case has always been to save web pages as PDFs. I use Evernote for lots of other things as well (I have an excellent Fujitsu Scansnap for example ... ), but saving web pages is by far the most important. That said, I'm a software engineer and I have the utmost respect for both what the Evernote developers have created over the years and the difficult situation with Mac OS X Lion and Safari. I'm also not very fond of the obnoxious tone in lots of posts in the support forum regarding this issue. I think everyone involved understand how important this feature is to a large part of the user base. But ... This makes me really worried. Important use case for a high percentage of users and an underlying technical problem known for over a year. The only conclusion I can make, is that the "save webpage as PDF" feature might never come back. I would continue to be a premium subscriber, but would be a lot less happy with the service. Some questions: I use Safari as my main browser, but I could possibly fire up either Chrome or Firefox to save a webpage as a PDF, but neither of these Evernote plugins seems to have this feature? They used to, right? I thought the technical issue was Safari specific (the removal of the plugin architecture)? Could the Evernote support staff have a good official support forum thread (preferably pinned at the top of the Mac forum) about this issue? Even if it just says "We're working on it!" or "Feature has been removed due to technical issues — Don't get your hopes up!" ... /ET
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