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  1. I have a rooted nook and have been having nightmare problems like you, constant crashes almost as soon as app launches. I tried uninstall, reinstall, even wiped cache, logout, login, wipe database, even wipe nook and reinstalled everything... Get the point? What I finally did that seems to have fixed the problem: [*:3a87zasl]uninstall evernote [*:3a87zasl]delete evernote directory from SD card My theory is that the uninstall left stuff files or permission problems from old versions. Also I don't think their is any cost to doing this since all your data get restored upon sync. I just did this minutes ago but If I have problems later I'll let everyone know. Thanks evernote team this is fantastic software, it's not often that great engineering, pleasing aesthetics, and ease of use meet but you've done it. EDIT 1: That worked for a while but as I set my notes to available offline and it started downloading everything went badly. No crashes but sync errors. I just installed the beta and it looks like things are downloading again. We'll see if that solves it. Here is the beta3 http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=29824