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  1. I share photos from Ipad photos to EN and then make notes about them. The title to the note now is the image file name and it is truncated. I want to turn that off so it isn't the title or truncating (to 20 characters). As early the beginning of this year it has started and I need the entire name of the image. Anyone know any way around this?
  2. The inability to share photos from IOS iPad photos and add notes inside Evernote has ended our relationship after 7 years. It used to work so well and didn't even know it wasn't working until I was ON LOCATION at a big event where we COUNT ON EVERNOTE. WHAT IS GOING ON? Any suggestions for saving our relationship with Evernote (I am a premium member) to enable to share a photo on iPad and it open in evernote and allow us to add notes?😡
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