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  1. Evernote can be made portable with a quick and simple .nsi script (and ofc NSI with the killproc / findproc and registry plugin. I'm using this method for a few weeks now and never had any problems with it. Leaves no traces on the computer, works from any drive and has no problems with an already existing local installation (at least it shouldn't have). A corresponding script looks like this: ;---Definitions---- !define SNAME "Evernote [Portable]" ;----Includes---- !include "LogicLib.nsh" !include "Registry.nsh" ;-----Runtime switches---- CRCCheck off AutoCloseWindow True SilentInstall silent WindowIcon off XPSTYLE on RequestExecutionLevel user SetCompress Auto SetCompressor /SOLID lzma SetCompressorDictSize 32 SetDatablockOptimize On ;-----Set basic information----- Name "${SNAME}" Icon "${SNAME}.ico" Caption "${SNAME} Launcher" OutFile "..\${SNAME}.exe" ;-----Version Information------ LoadLanguageFile "${NSISDIR}\Contrib\Language files\English.nlf" VIProductVersion "" VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "ProductName" "Evernote [Portable] Launcher" VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "LegalCopyright" " 2011" VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "FileDescription" "Evernote Launcher" VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "FileVersion" "1.0" Section "Main" ;---Initialize variables Var /GLOBAL AppName Var /GLOBAL ForegroundProcessName Var /GLOBAL BackgroundProcessName ;---Populate variables StrCpy $AppName "EvernoteTray.exe" StrCpy $ForegroundProcessName "Evernote.exe" StrCpy $BackgroundProcessName "EvernoteClipper.exe" ;---CheckForRunningInstance FindProcDLL::FindProc "$ForegroundProcessName" ${if} $R0 == "1" MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION "${SNAME} is already running, aborted!" Abort ${endif} ;-----Saving Local Registration Data------ ${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0 ${if} $R0 == "0" ${registry::SaveKey} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" "/G=1" $R0 Sleep 250 ${endif} ;-----Importing Regkeys------ ${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0 ${if} $R0 == "0" IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" "" +4 ${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" $R0 Sleep 150 ${endif} IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" "" +3 ${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" $R0 Sleep 250 ${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0 ${if} $R0 == "0" WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote" "EvernotePath" "$EXEDIR\Data" WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate" "AutoUpdateCacheCurrentRN" "$EXEDIR\Data\AutoUpdate\CurrentReleaseNotes.html" WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate" "AutoUpdateCacheCurrentXML" "$EXEDIR\Data\AutoUpdate\current.xml" Sleep 150 ${endif} ;-----Launching Application------ ExecWait '"$EXEDIR\App\$AppName"' ;-----Cleaning up------ ;---Wait for $ForegroundProcessName shutdown FindProcDLL::FindProc "$ForegroundProcessName" ${if} $R0 == "1" Sleep 250 Goto -3 ${endif} ;---Wait for $BackgroundProcessName shutdown FindProcDLL::FindProc "$BackgroundProcessName" ${if} $R0 == "1" KillProcDLL::KillProc "$BackgroundProcessName" Goto -3 ${endif} ${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0 ${if} $R0 == "0" ${registry::SaveKey} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" "/G=1" $R0 Sleep 250 ${endif} IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" "" +3 ${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" $R0 Sleep 250 ;-----Restoring Local Registration Data------ IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" "" +4 ${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" $R0 Sleep 250 Delete "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" SectionEnd
  2. Mh, several months later and I get exactly the same message. Paypal isn't working for either a monthly or yearly payed account (at least for german users)?
  3. Ok, the current features aren't appealing enough to switch so I'll stay where I am. Thanks for your answer!
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about going premium but I'd like to ask ifst, which features are currently (at least) planned, that will be only available for premium users? Regards, Highend
  5. If I leftclick on the evernote icon (webclipper) and on "Alle Notizen" in the bottom left corner and from there on any of my available clips it will be always opened in a _NEW_ chrome window. Can you please change the default behavior to open such a link in a new tab instead of a window or at least add an option in the webclipper settings to achieve this? Annoying as hell ;( Regards, Highend
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