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  1. Just wanted to say that i'm 99% happy with the new Evernote for the web and Android kinemasterdown. The Android version is a big improvement (and I'm *really* looking forward to widgets ). I've been using the new web version since it was called v6 and it's been amazing to see the speed of improvement. To all at Evernote: please keep up the good work! Another feature, I'd really like would be customizable hot keys for the web version Maybe that's being worked on at the moment
  2. I can't edit (or remove) external links, that I copy-paste to Evernote for Android. For example : anchor text . On Android, apps don't give you a lot of control. So sometimes I need Evernote to have the power of a simple text editor, that will show me the difference between the claimed link e.g. https://finalratings.com/best-motherboard-for-i7-8700k/ and the real link, e.g. http://finalratings.com/foo?your&name&address. When I paste a link inside an Evernote note, all I see is the anchor text. I can edit only the anchor text (title of the link), not the URL. When I long press on
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