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  1. I can't believe this feature was removed! Evernote just gets worse and worse and the fanboys come in and scold you even though you may have been a paying customer for years longer than them! Still don't understand why Evernote seems to runs lower and slower with each update. Really need to move to something else.
  2. Long time paid Evernote user since about 2014/2015. Just updated Evernote on iPad iOS and got this new redesigned home page. Please tell me that there is a way to turn this off and just see all my notes like before! PLEASE! I don’t need a scratch pad and seeing 5-6 little notes with horizontal scrolling is not what I signed up for. This new “view” may force me to leave Evernote as I use EverNOTE for taking notes and organizing info and could not care less for a home image or a “widgetized” default view that totally limits the “instant” viewing of your Notes. /End of rant!
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