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  1. My god. i used this app for 10 years in differnet Android phones without problems. With the last actualization all change. All is difficult, the notes needs a lot of time to be loaded and practically the app is not usable when you need ro read a note quickly. i dont undersatnd what happenend but as a client i need to return very quickly to the app that we haved before this. I see in different places a lot of people having the same issues that I have currently.. It is the first time in 10 years that I think in change the note app.
  2. Ive been using evernote in my android devices for 10 years. i loved it. It works ok all that time. Some days ago with the last actualization things change a lot. Notes last a lot of time to appear and sometines dont do it. If I need to acces quickly to a note it takes a lot of time to do it. that makes the app not usable.and is a huge problem to the user.that have info in it. please do something to return to the beautiful app that you have before this. I read messages of a lot of people with similar problems.
  3. Lamentablemente despues de 10 años de usar perfectamente la aplicacion hace algunos dias y a partir de la ultima actualizacion la aplicacion empezo a andar muy mal en mi android, Tarda muchos minutos en abrir las notas, y aveces ni las abre. De ser una app sencilla y rapida se transformo en algo casi imposible de usar,. Me pone muy mal tener uq ebuscar una nota y quedar esperando minutos que aparezca.Es muy frustrante. iBorre la aplicacion y la volvi a poner pero el problema sigue. Por favor hagan algo , resuelvan el problema.
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