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  1. Still no multiple tabs? Really? What's the deal Evernote? Come on now! This is now several times I've requested and searched for this seemingly simple feature to be added back the macOS version. I'm continuing to use Evernote Legacy as a workaround but can't use some of the newer features. Can someone at Evernote please give an explanation of why multiple tabs is still not being supported. If there's a technical issue then I would understand. Please and thank you.
  2. YES! Tabs please! I've been trumpeting this ever since the update that took them away. I've been using the Evernote Legacy version as a workaround on all my macOS devices and it works fine but c'mon! Let's do this Evernote!
  3. Please! I've been wanting Tabs back for awhile. I'm using the Legacy version until Tabs come back. Thank you
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