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  1. A : Agree with OP: "(3) Invisible cursor - For a while, the cursor won't appear in some new notes. I can type and do everything OK, but I have to guess where the cursor is when I try to move around the note. This makes editing (new) notes quite challenging." Has this problem been solved yet? B : I use Evernote for Mac (OS 10.9 Mavericks) version 5.4.1 but read in this thread about version 5.4.2 - which I cannot find nor is it offered to me as an update. My stupidity or..?
  2. Being also a 10.5.8 user (without an urgent plan to update in the near future) I benefitted from this thread. Thank you. I think my Evernote version 2.2.2 is working fine and good enough for me. My question now is: with my configuration - can I upgrade to the Premium Service?
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