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  1. Oh! Yes - me too! I vote for color feature - would be super awesome. In the meantime -- THANK HEAVENS for @CheeseNightmare - the suggestion of using Emoji works great.
  2. I love my Evernote and have been using it to keep "life" which these days includes work, own business and grad school organized. Not to mention all the fun stuff too. I wish, wish wish.....Evernote could include a function(s) that reference manager software like Mendeley or EndNote have for writing papers that also embeds information into WORD doc as needed. Right now, I'm like a crazy person, with most of my resources in Evernote -- now migrating over to Mendeley as needed. Why? Well, I started off using Evernote for not only note taking all through grad school, but for organizing reading material, research files, etc. so everything is in there!! But now when I writing, I need those items in a reference manager tool -- so citing is easier (can I also mention, APA format...grrrr!!) Thoughts on my wish? Possible?? Soon?? Yes??
  3. After loading & updated a bunch of research files; I'm getting an error message when trying to sync from my MacBookPro :shock: A pop up box with the following message Server Unreachable
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