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  1. I concur gchamerlin. One of the problems with the current setup = Evernote ultimately chases folks away. I'm devoting a few evenings this week to reworking IFTTT recipes currently targeting Evernote as the action, substituting OneNote in some instances and plain text files in DropBox for others, since they are essentially logs. I've already chosen another receptacle for email tossing. Perfect example of converting a paying customer from Plus to Basic, simply via inaction & silly renewal coding decisions.
  2. I deliberately allowed my E/N premium subscription, thru the iOS App Store, to expire. My intent was to downgrade, renewing at the Plus level. However, the App Store is now showing only Premium as an upgrade option. I will not use the Manage Subscriptions page since it requires direct cc number input. Will the Plus option be visible at the App Store soon, or should I just move on to a competing app? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for this commentary. I've been a Premium user for years, but after reading this and other threads, I Flipped to the App Store via my iPad, and turned off auto annual subscription -- set for renewal in 2 weeks. EverNote has no viable share sheet, to push data -- not links -- to a true task app, such as OmniFocus or Todoist. My work around = IFTTT, and now that is gone. Since EverNote seems determined to trap my data by keeping it on an island, I'll act accordingly. Someone mentioned Zapiar, and I thank you. Off to explore that & other viable options now. Evernote devs, if you're reading this, a reminder: the real and virtual streets are littered with the carcasses of once-huge companies that ultimately failed. All had at least one trait in common: hostile actions toward once loyal customers. To make this change, and without notice? Karma baby, it's a-comin'!
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