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  1. Thank you for this commentary. I've been a Premium user for years, but after reading this and other threads, I Flipped to the App Store via my iPad, and turned off auto annual subscription -- set for renewal in 2 weeks. EverNote has no viable share sheet, to push data -- not links -- to a true task app, such as OmniFocus or Todoist. My work around = IFTTT, and now that is gone. Since EverNote seems determined to trap my data by keeping it on an island, I'll act accordingly. Someone mentioned Zapiar, and I thank you. Off to explore that & other viable options now. Evernote devs, if you're reading this, a reminder: the real and virtual streets are littered with the carcasses of once-huge companies that ultimately failed. All had at least one trait in common: hostile actions toward once loyal customers. To make this change, and without notice? Karma baby, it's a-comin'!
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