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  1. Bumping this again for the hundredth time in 7+ years (you know, as just one of the thousands of Evernote users who want this). I LOVE Evernote and am a long time happy paying Premium paid customer, but the fact that so many customers have been vocal about wanting this for half the company's existence and that they haven't added it is baffling to me. It's a huge miss on listening to paying customers! I consider myself a power user as I use the product for work and personal and have created 10K+ notes since becoming a customer. The product is literally woven into the workflow of my day. This feature has so many use-cases that benefits customers and there literally isn't a month that goes by that I don't think about how nice having this feature would be. One use case that I think drives the need for this feature more than ever is the current shift to work-from-home and therefore the heavy use of Zoom/WebEx type solutions. I have to constantly be careful to not accidentally screenshare one of my personal Evernote folders because I capture everything under the son in this folder (journaling, personal goals, grocery lists, profanity laced streams of conscious when I'm upset about something, lol). I know you can choose to share apps only, but I often have internal team meetings where it's easier to share one of my monitors so I can pop in and out of apps as I work through an agenda. I actually slipped up recently and someone saw some of the note titles in my personal folder and laughed that they saw a grocery list...I got lucky as it could have just as easily been a far more embarrassing note. It sort of made me mad at that moment that Evernote still doesn't have at least the following: Simple password protection on folders that you designate should have them and could be configured to require login if you hadn't used this folder for some set period of times that are configurable. This not only makes your personal info easier to secure from a general data protection standpoint, but it also makes it much harder to accidentally expose personal info in situations where others may have visibility to your device...be it over your shoulder or on a webcast meeting. At a very minimum, give users the ability to "hide" folders if they can't password protect....although I'd still be really disappointed if this is all they did. I know there is an encrypted note feature, which I use often, but the feature is pretty clunky and only can encrypt text without any formatting whatsoever (no images, webpage clips, etc.). I like that feature for user/passwords protection, but a more general ability to secure an entire folder (doesn't even need to be encrypted if that's the challenge for Evernote, just pw protected!) would be far easier and far more convenient for those people that, you know, pay for your product. IMO, this is a common sense convenience feature as much, or more so, than it is a security feature. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this feature Evernote! I love your product and want to promote it to others without hesitation, but I always feel obligated to mention that I think you could do a much better job listening to your customers. Help me help you, Evernote! (steps off soapbox, wipes brow, decides to go with decaf for next coffee fill). Thank you!
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