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  1. Yeah, touch functionality in general is missing. But this really isn't a feature request, it's a defect. Anywhere else in Windows and in other apps a long-touch will open the relevant context menu. In the previous version of Evernote a long-touch on the PDF would open the context menu. This is something that has been recently broken. I'll try updating to the latest version before opening a support request, thanks.
  2. The new editor being used for PDFs is horrible in v6.9.7 - functionality has been lost. It now seems that to open the PDF externally you need to right-click on the PDF and select Open. However, on a touch screen where you'd tap and hold to get the context menu, this is also broken now so I have no way of opening a PDF externally on a touchscreen device. Is anyone else seeing the same issue?
  3. I just got a similar notification for a download of: com.evernote.continuous-integration.master.allArch.14620.apk
  4. I have an issue where I have a note that contains several lines of text. The entire last line of text is actually a hyperlink created in the desktop version of Evernote i.e. all the text on the last line is a hyperlink and there is no text on that final line that is not part of the hyperlink: My issue is that when I edit that note in Android I am unable to add any further lines of text. Trying to do so just opens the hyperlink and I can never get the text cursor into a position to add more text either to the end of the last line or to a new line. A more sunccinct way of putting this would be that it is not possible to add characters including a newline at the end of an existing hyperlink. Is everyone else seeing the same behaviour and are there any known workarounds? Thanks
  5. I have a couple of questions because I'm considering going from Premium to Plus: When I make the move what will haven to existing notes that are larger than 50MB? What will happen with Evernote points? Is the number of points required for Premium going to increase? Will it be possible to buy Plus with points and how many points will that cost? Thanks!
  6. I've been trying out the new Work Chat feature. I use Evernote for Windows with the Left Panel hidden - I always have done. This makes Work Chat impossible to use because there is no way to get to the Work Chat list without clicking on the Work Chat button at the top of the left panel. Back when the UI was redesigned (for v5?) we had the same issue with not being able to get to the 'All Notes' list without having the Left panel visible. Then Evernote released a version which enabled you to add a "All Notes" button to the toolbar. Can we have the same option to add a "Work Chats" button to the toolbar, please? Thanks!
  7. I'm seeing this problem as well. If I do a screenshot clip when I am zoomed in by, for example, 110% the resulting clip is offset from what I actually selected.
  8. Weird - I just tried an uninstall/reinstall of the widget (for the third time) without clearing data as you suggest and it is now working. I have no idea why. Thanks for your replies, though!
  9. This issue was following the most recent Evernote app update - as far as I can see there have been no further releases so I believe I am up to date. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote Widget without luck.
  10. The Evernote Android app was updated on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone running KitKat on the 18th of May. Since then the Evernote Widget no longer works; it just displays the message: "We experienced an issue displaying your notes. Uninstall Evernote Widget, then download from the Market again." I tried this suggestion and it still doesn't work. I also notice that most reviews on Google Play on the 18th of May and on are from users with the same problem. I'm surprised I can't find any mention of it here, though. Has anyone else seen this issue and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!
  11. I have also noticed this: If all data connections are off - a note will open immediately.If a data connection is available but of very low quality the note (that is set to be available offline) loads very slowly. Obviously, when there is a connection available Evernote is checking to see if the server has a newer version of the note than is available on the device before it displays the note. This check is avoided if there is no connection available. Perhaps this could be handled better if there was a much shorter time-out for checking the server for updates when opening a note.
  12. I am also suffering from this problem. PDFs displayed in a note do not have active links unless I open the PDF externally. I am using the Windows client. I'd like this to be fixed/implemented, please.
  13. I haven't had time to read every post here so consider any repeats a "+1". Here are the issues I've noticed in the beta: Too many clicks required to change the sort order in Snippet View. I do this frequently. No shortcuts toolbar. I have my Left Panel hidden. This means that once I jave selected a Notebook in the SNippets View I cannot see an easy way of switching back to "All Notes" instead of the current Notebook. I seem to have to unhide the Left Panel. [i have now found that I can add a menu item for this.] UGLY CAPITALISATION OF MENU TEXT. The "Search all notes" text box is on the far right of the interface even though the results of the search are displayed in the Snippet View on the far left of the interface. There is a disconnect here since they're on opposite ends of the interface. The "Search all notes" text in the search box is a bit of a mis-nomer. If you select a particular Notebook in the Snippets View then the search is within that Notebook, not "all" notes. If you double click in an empty area within the Snippet View it opens the selected note. If you double-click on "nothing" you'd expect nothing to happen. I have my Left Panel hidden. This means that once I jave selected a Notebook in the SNippets View I cannot see an easy way of switching back to "All Notes" instead of the current Notebook. I seem to have to unhide the Left Panel. Scroll bars needlessly thin - what is wrong with the standard Windows scrollbar? This is especially true of teh note scroll bar which takes up just a few pixels on the edge of my screen when maximised - awkward. More clicks required to enter a note URL to a new note. ENScript crashes when I try and run an exportnotes command. Reminders missing. When running EN in fullscreen mode I lose access to my Windows taskbar. If I copy and paste an attachment within the same note (therefore creating a copy of it within that note) and then rename the second attachement it also renames the first attachment. This is only apparent when navigating away and then back to the note.I'm happy to provide a detailed explanation/screenshots for any of these.
  14. I also keep my Left Panel permanently closed. It means I have no shortcuts with v5 but even worse, once I have selected a particular Notebook on the Snippet View panel I am not able to revert back to "All Notes" without re-enabling the Left Panel.
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