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  1. Let me see if I understand this right. There is no intention to provide a legacy version for iOS. There is no intention to restore local storage for folders. An internet connection didn’t used to be required to use Evernote, which was great because where I live the only way to get online is with a mobile hotspot. But now the iOS app at least does not work offline. It isn’t that I choose to drop Evernote. Evernote decided to kick me to the curb. I CANNOT “CHOOSE” TO USE AN APP THAT SUDDENLY STOPS WORKING. You developers are so surrounded by cheap, universal available and
  2. I upgraded to the 10x version of EN on iOS, figuring I may as well learn the new version since I’m just beginning to do more with the app. But the offline issue is a real problem for me. I live in a rural area with NO broadband service. The only internet is via cellular hotspot, which has limited data. Without being online, I can’t see downloaded notes. I need to go back to the old iOS version, but can’t find it in the App Store. How do I go back?
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