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  1. ScanBizCards has an export to Evernote (only in the iOS version), and actually imports from Evernote as well if you are storing card images there that need scanning.
  2. Try ScanBizCards - the iOS version of the app lets you export any card to your Evernote account as image + contact info as text. You can also do the reverse, i.e. pull unscanned card images in your Evernote account into ScanBizCards for scanning.
  3. Hi Larry, Do you mean how you would go about adding a card you scanned through the ScanBizCards desktop (web) interface into your Mac address book? - Just open a card (from Thumbs View, List View or even Map View) - In the thin black bar above the card image & details you should see an option called "Export + Address Book" - click it, chose VCard (the default choice) - this will prompt you to download and open that card's info in VCard (.vcf) format and the Mac Address Book is the default handler for this type of files Regards, Patrick
  4. Hi Seth, I just noticed this - better late than never! Actually we DO have a desktop version of ScanBizCards! Just do this: - go to http://www.scanbizcards.com/websync - sign-up for a web sync account - you are all set to start scanning business cards right from your desktop, by uploading business card images from any source (camera, mobile phone, flatbed scanner) into you web account then OCR the cards there This page should tell you more: http://www.scanbizcards.com/websyncfeatures Note: we are in the process of streamlining the scanning of multiple cards in a single flatbed scanner as follows: - we will add in a matter of days an option to scan each card out of a multi-card image without affecting the multi-card image itself (i.e. there will be no need to duplicate the large image for each card in it) - in a few weeks: we will automate the whole process from multi-card image to scanned cards, in one click And one recommendation: please scan each card by clicking it then Scan!, instead of batch OCR multiple cards at once, there is an issue with batch OCR at this time. Finally, a brand new ways to scan cards as well as get them added to your web sync account: just email card images as attachments to scan@scanbizcards.com, for example from a BB phone. Make sure to send at the largest size without reducing size. This will do the following: - within two minutes an email will be sent back to you with the scan results - the scanned card (image + text) will be placed in your web sync account (if you have one associated with the email account from which you sent that card) Regards, Patrick
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