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  1. No. They would have to be optional as there are plenty of people like you who wouldn't want to use that feature. All notebooks and stacks would be the default color initially and you would need to change it from their dropdown menu. I'll have to go into more detail later, or tomorrow. I'm pretty busy at the moment.
  2. I've been trying to find the study I read, but its not turning up. I'll drop it here if I find it. Google docs has gone through a couple of design iterations for this feature so somewhere in their archives they must have their own usability measurements. I've personally worked on an e-learning project where after a bit of development we examined the curriculum closely were able to identify 5 different classifications of lessons. When we redesigned the lesson navigation system and colored each lesson according to it's class type we got overwhelmingly positive responses. It helped people to
  3. Being an obsessive compulsive doesn't prevent people from being happy or successful in their normal life -- but when a detail is out of place in one area it starts to grate on their nerves. I've had EN for nearly a year now, and I love the service, but every day it bugged me a little bit more that this feature I used in similar programs wasn't being implemented. Today the straw broke the camels back and I unleashed all of my nerd rage. Me being a jackass doesn't change the fact that this is a useful and unobtrusive feature. Many of the top competitors implemented it long ago, and saw measu
  4. It's kind of embarrassing that this hasn't already been implemented. Usability studies show that color coding 'folders' separates them as concepts in users mind more effectively than just text titles alone. Google docs has implemented this feature perfectly on the pulldown for each 'collection' folder. It speeds up project navigation and slightly lessens the strain on users attention spans. Since the work people do on this site requires a lot of mental prossessing, you are obligated to minimize the any processing needed to navigate the interface. There is no downside to this feature -- if
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