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  1. Hi I was using evernote in anger the other day, building up a log during the day of things I'd seen. For this I would find it extremely useful if when editing an existing note, the cursor could start off at the end of the file rather than the start, as it was a pain having to keep scrolling down and clicking on the last line to add more content. (clearly if I had a full keyboard I could simply press Ctrl-End, but I don't think there's such a combination in android! ) I accept many people will probably want to leave it as it is, in which case can we have an option in settings please? Regards Alan
  2. Thanks for the help and advice chaps. Will send my logs. (edit) have just sent log. Thanks again - very impressed with level of support. Alan
  3. Thanks for your reply. No, I'm on the free account, picures are about 2mb each.
  4. Hi there Whenever I create a note with a picture attachement (using the snapshot feature), it fails to upload. It makes no difference if I am on wifi or mobile network, just straight away a message saying "note upload failed" and a similar message in the notification area. I have found if I create a note, and add a picture already taken, sometimes it does work. Phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, running Android 2.1. Assume I have the latest version of Evernote as I downloaded it from the Marketplace today. Any pointers? I've searched the FAQ and no mention of this issue. Regards Alan
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