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  1. When I first began using Evernote I didn't have to pay to recover deleted content within a note. I had not actually noticed this until some months ago as I had not required the feature in a long time. I also did not experience limitations on synching and deselecting devices. I can understand not allowing more than two devices at once, but the limit on being able to deselect seems unnecessary. I don't even realize how I apparently ended up meeting the limit, because I only use two devices, yet every now and then I'm asked to choose which devices to keep, in which I select and move on. Can
  2. While I understand needing to require a subscription to continue the service. I have been using this app a bit longer than I can remember, but its been years. I use it extensively. While I would pay for premium, it feels like I got a better app before the paywall went up. Too many features that were apart of the regular version suddenly became locked behind the paywall, which feels like the app has been stripped down rather than built up to offer more. What brought me here is that I cannot use it offline on my laptop because of either my mistake or an error, but it resulted in my laptop
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