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  1. Hi Solsear.... I think I have figured it out! I think my anti-virus software was incompatible with the latest EverNote update. I switched from Kaspersky to Avast and my notes started functioning again. I have been monitoring for a few days now and things are still working.
  2. The problem may have been an incompatibility of the latest Evernote upgrade with the anti-virus protection I was running. I exchanged Kaspersky for Avast and all if these issues appear to have resolved for now.
  3. Are you also unable to select something and highlight it or change the font color? If I have something selected, I can hit a simple command (like bold, or italics). But if I hit a "menu" command (like color or highlight), it loses the selection. Thank you so much for responding - it was beginning to feel like I was completely alone here.
  4. Also noticed this: while I am able to underline text, or make it bold or italic, I can no longer change font color or highlight. If I select a block of text, the moment I go to the color or highlight menu, my selection disappears.
  5. Another thing I have noticed: if I have a note with no included images I can enter text but if spellcheck underlines a word, the red spellcheck-underline flickers a bit.
  6. If you open and hit "PLAY" on the capture that I have included here, you will see what is happening to all of my notes as of today. On any note that has an image included, all images are flashing on and off and in doing so are holding the entire content of the note 'hostage' - as it were - since I can barely read the jumping text, let alone do anything else with it. I have tried to figure a way to remove an image. I pasted it in a separate note for safekeeping and to see how it would behave there. It was fine. If I try to then erase the original image from the original note and replace it with the functioning copy from the new note, it starts jumping again in exactly the same way. This is pretty devastating for everything I have created and saved on here. Please help. Justine UPDATE: I have since discovered that even new notes created with new, random images do the same thing. In other words: my notes no longer work with images. 4s attachment - adam young - Evernote - Google Chrome 2021-04-14 05-29-49.mp4
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