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  1. Thanks, Jefito. I must be one of those folks for whom it doesn't work. Interesting though that the sort order that you referred to is Notes by Created with the Reverse Sort Order ticked. That is the one to which mine defaults. Are you able to set yours to sort by Title and come back to it after you have turned off your pc to find that sort by Title has been retained for that notebook?
  2. Ok. We're talking Windows 7 here. How do you go back and change the original sort order of the original notebook, which, from what you say, determines the default sort order of all subsequent notebooks?
  3. At least two of my notebooks definitely default to "Notes by Created" every time I turn off my laptop.
  4. Can one save one's sort order of notes in a notebook (or change the default "sort by created") order? I sort my notes by "Title" but each time I open the notebook I have to resort the notes which default to "sort by created".
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