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  1. I've been looking around at possible Evernote replacements and I notice that some of them seem to have the same problem. (E.g., Dropbox Paper.) It boggles my mind that all these designers think (1) the only use for a checklist is as a to-do list, and (2) the user necessarily wants a task stricken when s/he marks it complete. Neither of these is true, as all the screaming in this and related topics attest. As I've pointed out elsewhere, if nothing else it should be possible to manually remove the strikethrough formatting after it is applied. You could do a mass removal by selecting the ent
  2. As I see it there are two strategies that Evernote might pursue if it doesn't want this automatic strikethrough "feature" to drive customers away. The first and most desirable would be to make the "feature" optional. Failing that, it should provide a decent workaround. The checkbox workaround is ineffective because a <CR> at the end of a line beginning with a checkbox converts that and subsequent lines to the checklist format (with mandatory strikethrough). I thought I could defeat this problem by preceding each checkbox with a space, as suggested above. That seemed to work during m
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