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  1. Strange as it may seem now all is working and I didn't do anything further. I didn't have time over the weekend to deal with this so I didn't do anything. This morning I opened the app and tapped the note with the diagrams and imported images that wouldn't update or open. After a minute or so of progress icon viola it opened. I made another edit and waited for it to sync with the desktop and all is working. Thanks again for your support EverNote. jw
  2. Hi again Jess, I seem to be having some degree of success now all text based notes are opening OK. One that contains several images is not opening with the " ! could not open this note" "retry (button)". In the summary view it displays a static progress wheel. Better ;-) I closed and reopened the app and did a manual sync now it displays "last sync failed at: Sep 9 12:58pm error code 10: disk I/O error. Maybe that note is corrupted on the SD card I'm OK with deleting it. That project is nearly done anyway. Thanks, jw
  3. Thanks! Logs sent with above subject. Also rebooted the phone. I was able to create a test note. It hasn't sync'ed yet so all notes and notebooks are empty (0). It is suspicious that the SD card is not readable. On the times I re-installed the app I was presented with some options, don't remember the exact syntax but three radio buttons something like "different SD card?" Thanks again, jw
  4. The next day when I launched Evernote I noticed it was syncing and all looked normal initially but I can't open any of the notes. I can see them in thumbnail or summary view but cannot open any of the notes attempting to do so yields ! "could not load this note" "Retry". Using option button > "edit" gets "note is currently not available".
  5. My DroidX died (or became bricked after upgrade) so my provider replaced it. I haven't been able to get Evernote to sync after trying to re-install several times. When I check "files" on my SDCard I have an EverNote folder which contains multiple subs. From the App on my DroidX if I try to create a new note I get " ! Create note error Please wait til the default notebook is synced to the device". This has not changed in a couple of days that is why I deleted the app and re-installed to no avail. Under settings > account info evernote email address is "unknown". This is a free account not Premium. Have I exceeded my free? Thanks, jw
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