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  1. This would be absolutely essential!
  2. These functions are broken in Windows desktop Evernote! Simplify formatting Remove formatting Paste and Match Style Even when copying from clipboard to and using Ctrl+Shift+V (paste and match stlye), it does not remove the formatting. I am using it so much so this is really disturbing experience now.
  3. A confirmation dialog would be essentail right just before committing any critical operation, like: Clear all formatting Delete a note Unfortunately both can happen accidentally by pressing their shortcuts.
  4. Shortcut editing would be essential! Some of them are simply obstruct working, like Ctrl+Shift+Space (clear all formatting).
  5. Hi Matt, the problem starting this thread seems to be more general, and - as I realized later, see below - it refers not just using an OTG cable, but also with the on-screen keyboard. I tried both method: Recreated the note in a copy instance, deleted the old one even from the Trash Also run Format > Simplify Formatting function on the notes. None of them solved the problem, the typing lag still do exists. Here are my observations: What I noticed is that the keyboard (OTG or on-screen, does not matter) reacts pretty good without noticable lag at the top of the document. When I go down to the bottom and start typing... it seriously lags, it is totally unusable. When I go to the middle of the document, the lagging is already happens and renders the document hard to edit on Android, still somewhat manageable but not fluid at all. What i noticed that this document behaves the same not just on Android, but on Windows as well! Obviously my faster i7 laptop hides this phenomenon, but it does happen there.. it lags at the bottom of the document there as well! Any more idea? thanks, Baci
  6. Hi, only Premium members get support, I am not one.
  7. Hi, using latest Evernote on 4 core LG G-Pad 8 tablet (Lollipop 5.0.2) with OTG USB keyboard, it usually works perfectly. Today I noticed that when I open a bit longer note (4029 Words, many words are highlighted, 27.968 charcters, 0 images, 0 PDF document, 0 anything else!) the typing lags seriously! Actually it becomes unusable. If I try a shorter note, it works good. Where is the problem? thanks, Bacizone
  8. After 4 years of the initial request, still nothing about this basic feature. But at least now we have a bunch of total useless functions....
  9. Hi, there is no vertical scrollbar on the right side of EN notes. It is essential to track where I am reading, please bring it back.
  10. Cloud-based alternatives I know: Google Docs - perfect for in text search Google Keep - I use this a lot, very easy for sketching ideas, text is always editable without bugs and later can copy into my Evernote system. Microsoft OneNote - superb! I do not know OS X based products but they have certainly cloud-based note taking / editing app.
  11. In latest EN Android the vertical scrollbar is missing in reading mode. Please make it available again.
  12. They still ignore this feature requests for years. At least we got the EN Chat now fantastic.
  13. See other thread about this long-request issue: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22114-please-improve-the-search-function/page-2 It has been requested too many times, without any result.
  14. Ha-ha-ha... do not expect this it is requested for years (!!) and nothing happened.
  15. Yes... seems only a few people are using evernote for systematic high-volume text storage? Does the majority just use the webclipper to save webpages or receipts, family photos, brainstorming into 10 word/notes and MS Word documents? Come'n, seriously? Am I the only one who miss the very fundamental and basic feature from EN?
  16. It has been asked so many times... the result up to now is NOTHING. One of the Android developer told me around 1.5 years ago that they will add it to the dev list. Then they implemented "pdf search", "image search", whatever search...but not the most basic feature! Hopefully after the upcoming "receipt search", "webclip search", "web search" , "business search" "food search", "collaboration search" and probably the most important, vital and revolultionary "ipad smart cover search" (premium service!!!) we'll see some "in-document search" as well just in the next 8-10 years
  17. Hi, Evernote for Android searches in PDF and In Office docs, maybe even within images, not sure. But proper text search is not implemented WITHIN a plain text Note with search result jumps forward / backward?
  18. Please consider to add the automatic save of reading position and open document later at this reading point" feature to Evernote for Android or add it as an option. It would be great to start reading an Evernote document from the point it was closed earlier.
  19. Yes, but the app has been redesigned again "to look nicer"… Sure, search is works on attachment.... but still not within a note...do not get it. I wonder if there is no official feature voting system for the Evernote community who makes surveys about what the next new features will be? Nevermind, hope "Keep" will rise fast... until that still using Evernote.
  20. Hi, Thanks for the answer. As this thread started in 2011 November, and now 15 (!) months later I would have expected an answer like "is it already in dev" or "we are close.." (assuming this is true) or so . It is great that EN development is continuous, and certainly this is not an easy task on this fragmented platform. However the priorities of the features added to Evernote for Android (last example is the Go Premium button??) are strange. I also wonder am I the only one frustrated by the lack of this fundamental feature of an information management software? Seems so. Need to find info very quickly and regularly in around 350 long text notes... this is really PITA now. Is there any public vote counter for Evernote feature requests?
  21. I did not found my duplicate post.. however text search results were always highlighted... this was never a problem, and my deleted post was not about that. The problem is the navigation within the search results within a document... which does not exist at all in Evernote for Android ! I can not believe how this feature left out from an app for years that handles a great amount of text....
  22. Hey developers... still no user-friendly search in Evernote. Please MAKE IT!
  23. The last post is from July.. it is October now.. and the search function is still unusable in long documents on Android 2.3 devices. WHY?
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