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  1. Yeah point is I will reach that point at some point and then I will be completely f'ed... Yeah I guess, 1000 is really low for my needs. Which is a problem. Also I will run pretty quickly out of tags, I have a lot of diverse stuff and to be able to find them, at any point later on it takes a lot of tags. Gotta find some other solution
  2. That's pretty low! Also it is pretty bad that there are no sub-categories for me. I save very diverse stuff, I will need much more than 1000 notebooks... Yea idea is to use tags and link documents together, but for my needs I need hiearchy and also and more notebooks for sure! I started to using this since awhile, because I have so many bookmarks that I can't even find existing folders and there is no ctrl+f when adding bookmarks in any browser "I read a lot!"... But this doesn't work either I would suppose you would get more than 1000 on premium, but no I guess... If I Am gonna pay for notes, I would expect this to be better... Probably okay for most people, but you get 1000 already with free acc also, so...
  3. Saving pdf to disk is too vehement and then adding it in evernote. Evernote doesn't remember login and it loads each time anew, it is very laborious and I don't know to search for categories in Evernote (opened in web browser)! It is already much harder then bookmarks, I read thousands of sites so, that's why... I will try simplified, but it doesn't work well sometimes and double-checking is also annoying.
  4. If it is on bottom and no one answers week+ ? How Am I supposed to get answer??? It happens on multiple pages to this day, don't remember. It can be selection, or bookmark!
  5. It takes like 2-3 sec for me and if you save a lot, you will spend hours of your life waiting for it to load... annoying when you need to open it to make a new notebook etc. Also you need to click on button to login every time, even if you are already logged, which is like...
  6. Ah when I click on clipped article, I see now. It messes up text considerably tho :((( Why can't I simply edit that in the first place?
  7. It didn't happen to me so far. Only on 1 site, I can't save site as bookmark via Firefox Evernote web clipper extension. It is saving infinitely, tried even to restart browser! It is happening again, this time, when I tried to save simplified articles, I can't even click save, it is infinitely loading! Windows 10 Pro 20H2, Firefox last stable. Webclipper last version.
  8. I mean article, there is nothing else in evernote addon. What is V10 and web clip box? I have them saved in evernote already! I can now ctrl+f no idea why it wasn't working. Problem is I can't even click magic wand icon.`
  9. I can't highlight saved articles in Evernote browser! As tools are greyed out. Like font type, font size, these tools... OMG also ctrl+f in saved article doesn't work!!! Please help!
  10. Why I need to click on login, or that button each time, when I Am already logged in? Also it could load faster!
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