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  1. If it is on bottom and no one answers week+ ? How Am I supposed to get answer??? It happens on multiple pages to this day, don't remember. It can be selection, or bookmark!
  2. It takes like 2-3 sec for me and if you save a lot, you will spend hours of your life waiting for it to load... annoying when you need to open it to make a new notebook etc. Also you need to click on button to login every time, even if you are already logged, which is like...
  3. Ah when I click on clipped article, I see now. It messes up text considerably tho :((( Why can't I simply edit that in the first place?
  4. It didn't happen to me so far. Only on 1 site, I can't save site as bookmark via Firefox Evernote web clipper extension. It is saving infinitely, tried even to restart browser! It is happening again, this time, when I tried to save simplified articles, I can't even click save, it is infinitely loading! Windows 10 Pro 20H2, Firefox last stable. Webclipper last version.
  5. I mean article, there is nothing else in evernote addon. What is V10 and web clip box? I have them saved in evernote already! I can now ctrl+f no idea why it wasn't working. Problem is I can't even click magic wand icon.`
  6. I can't highlight saved articles in Evernote browser! As tools are greyed out. Like font type, font size, these tools... OMG also ctrl+f in saved article doesn't work!!! Please help!
  7. Why I need to click on login, or that button each time, when I Am already logged in? Also it could load faster!
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