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  1. Endnote Legacy works fine. You can download it from Evernote. That is likely to be functional for you, though apparently it will not be supported, so there is likely to be trouble after OS updates/changes. There are seveeral Evernote alternatives out there. (I'm keeping a list for the inevitable time when I'll have to ditch EN).
  2. Are there really 80 alternatives? I need to be able to sort, tag, and retrieve pdfs and other documents/webpages The candidates I've So far I've found are: Bear, I Librarian, AbleDocs, Mendeley, Zotero, PDF Stacks, Devonthink, Notion, Joplin, and Keepit. Some of these don't look like what I need, so I'd appreciate further suggestions. Thanks.....
  3. I'm encouraged a little by your thought that Evernote is taking the updates seriously. However, when I've made inquiries I've received only polite, bland, uninformative replies. It is clear that Evernote is moving in a new direction, and what "up to speed" means may differ among various groups of users and the developers. Based on what I need from Evernote, I see little evidence of progress, and I'm much less optimistic.
  4. I also use a Mac (mainly). What I absolutely need is: The ability to tag notes and organize the tags The ability to sort notes within notebooks by dates of creation and revision, and by author (and ideally for pdf files by date of original authorship) Web clipping Searching for words within notes. Reliable, fast operation. Legacy EN works pretty well for me -- but V. 10 will not allow for sorting by author, and is slow with an awkward interface for me. I can't imagein using Home. Thanks for your help...
  5. I have been using Evernote mainly to store and organize files so that I can easily retrieve those with appropriate tags or authors. Obviously I see the frustrations you've described. Consequently, I'm seriously in the market for an Evernote alternative. What other apps have you looked at that might be suitable replacements?
  6. What are the implications of co-existence with v10 and the advantages of going back to v6.25?
  7. I have mainly used Evernote on a Mac to archive and search files (pdfs, web clippings, a few notes). Since the new version has lost so much functionality, I've researched other apps that I'm considering switching to. Any thoughts about these: Mendeley, I Librarian, Zotero, PDF Stacks, AbleDocs? Unless Evernote gets better, I'll likely jump ship. The question is to which other app.
  8. This new version of Evernote is almost unusable for me. Less functionality than previous versions. I've used Evernote for about 10 years. Several of the previous updates have made it slightly less functional, but this update keeps all the frustrating features of the past, adds new ones, and makes life particularly frustrating. I use Evernote mostly for archiving and tagging pdf notes and clipping webpages. Any suggestions for alternatives ?
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