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  1. This honestly seems like an accident. If when you click an app link you choose "Choose Application..." in the modal that pops up, you can then click "Options", then in the "Enable" dropdown choose "All Applications", the choose "Evernote". And the link works. So the code that accepts, parses, and sends you to a note based on the link is all there and working. The issue seems to be they forgot/overlooked/didn't get to registering the URI scheme with macOS so the OS knows to shoot those links automatically to Evernote. If true, this is a very simple fix. Hopefully they'll get on it soon.
  2. +1 on this being an important part of my workflow. Seems like an unfortunate oversight or a bad call to launch v10 that breaks this. Worse, the format of the app links makes it impossible to otherwise glean what note you were linking to, as the note title is not partially exposed in the link like web links. Please fix 🙏🏻
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