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  1. Mac user here. Same issue here. Issues have been a constant since the "new" version. (spoilers: It's not worth the code it's written on, to keep it polite...!!!!) Don't really know what is Evernote doing but this reinvention of themselves looks more and more like a shot on the foot. Actually, both feet!! I've been a paying customer for many years (on my personal account) but I'm honestly thinking of jumping ship this year. We already had enough limitations from the way Evernote works, their considerably expensive product and lack of support. This may just be the final nail in the coffin. It won't be easy to move my 40k plus notes from Evernote to somewhere else, but I think it will pay off in the long run so i may be doing just that. Evernote, get your act together or you'll be losing another customer because of your bad QA, lack of user support and horrible pricing. I've seen quite a few companies going that way over the years and I don't see many of them in business anymore.
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