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  1. Best of luck with that. 💪 (I was since October 2009 a paid member, but eventually stopped using Evernote.)
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_file_attributes https://github.com/n8gray/Backup-Bouncer
  3. Found another one… PDF Expert and Documents can show a preview/thumbnail of documents, which helps with navigation/handling very much.
  4. Firstly, I‘m not a native english speaker, so it always takes me time/effort to write in english and my wording will unfortunately differ from yours. Secondly, I don‘t have the mood for discussion the „finiky style“, so I hope your answer had not the intention just to put me into a bad light. I didn‘t say that I like/prefer to store files with a file manager. In some use cases it‘s just the only option, as files can have extended attributes, which only can be preserved, when stored on an file system, that supports it. So every file, which has been saved into Evernote, *is* altered, as Evernote, at least for my knowledge, can’t handle extended attributes. For EN it would be easy to make it possible, that PDFs are rendered inline – even only optional (for those users who like that and maybe only when using offline notebooks). PDFs are for a good reason widely spread good to handle. In my use case (at least for PDFs)……it‘s good enough to have the altered always files with me. I need the „working copies“ on the go. A „working copy“ can be many iterations (v1, v1.1, v2, v2.1, v3, v3.1 and so on) of a document, a scan (of an original, which always remains „in the shelf“) which then contains hand-made or digtal-made annotations, a digital copy or a result of it’s digital process or just a scan for reference. At the end of the day… I need those documents on the go, so I can work with on the go. I can‘t (and won’t) take my clunky/heavy/expensive laptop with me, but the iPad (10.5“ with cellular) works perfect in my scenario. Only EN does not work (like expected). Thanks. I‘ll look for it.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. If like to store files (the proper way) I save them as files and handle them via "file manager". Nonetheless it's a good feature to have it; some people may like that, some not. Always good to have a/the choice. I know that. That's perfectly fine for me. As long as I can see it inline in Evernote… it would work for me Unfortunately this is not an option, as the Pdfs contain markups (by hand, visual stuff, annotations and so on). Often they are very similar or version/iterations, but usually visually very easy to recognise with a blink of an eye. While scrolling through the note I immediately now which one I have to pick. Theoretically, yes. One page documents can work ok-ish, but multi page documents definitely. Blown up file size and multiple file handling becomes an issue, there too. Most of my document scans which have a very small size because of "Clear Scan" (http://blogs.adobe.com/acrolaw/2009/05/better_pdf_ocr_clearscan_is_smal/).
  6. AFAIR OneNote, Dropbox, Apple Note and several Note taking apps (like GoodNote, Notability)… and I guess there are many more. Some only show the first page, others the full Pdf. Only Evernote shows just an icon (even with offline Notebook). *****. Brakes my hole whole workflow.
  7. Thanks for you answer. I‘m not sure if it‘s an limitation of iOS. There are Apps which shows the content of Pdfs without the need to open them.
  8. On Mac (& Windows) I happily work with stacks, where I have several notebooks in a stack. On iOS I can see that a notebook is in a certain stack, but I haven‘t found a way to choose this stack to been shown only. How can I choose a certain stack on iOS?
  9. On Mac (& Windows) I have the choice to show all notes (incl. notes of subscribed notebooks) or only my own notes. On iOS I don‘t find this option. Where it is?
  10. I have tons of Pdfs in Evernote. On my Mac (& Windows machine) it never was an issue, as there‘s an option to to switch between inline view and attachment view. On iOS (& Android) I can‘t find this option. Drives me crazy as it brakes down my complete workflow.
  11. This is ridiculous: @Evernote: Why so much wasted space? I would really appreciate if the the UI would be more „effective“.
  12. How can I show Pdfs inline on iOS? All my Pdfs are shown as attachment, which drives me crazy.
  13. Pdfs in Evernote (on Mac and iOS) are pain in the … . I heaviliy wish that it gets improved. „Skitch-Engine“ is outdated. I currently use PDF Expert for annotations. But the drawback is, that I have to send my files back to Evernote – which is also quite time consuming/annoying as there‘s no way to send it back to the same (originating) note. The pencil is a great tool/device for annotaions. Hopefully Evernote will get it done in the very near future.
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