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  1. mikefinleyco, I got behavior that looked like this when Evernote couldn't connect properly to the server due to some error and I was in Dark Mode. The error message background doesn't respect dark mode but the text color does, so there could very well be an error message hiding in there. Try flipping back to Light mode and see if you don't get an actual error message show up. Hope that helps.
  2. I have my shopping list stored locally on my phone and with the 10.X update (the new UI), I now get this error in certain stores on their wifi. The issue is that the app shouldn't fail to show my local note just because of funky network conditions. It should always show local notes no matter what network errors it gets. Even worse is that the error message doesn't respect dark mode, so all you get a white screen with white text that you can't read. Screen shot of the error message attached.
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