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  1. Let's add another 9 months to our wait time . . . I am still having this issue. Has someone from Evernote ever responded? Ideally with a genuine solution? I'm in the same boat as J up above - it's way too time-consuming for me to have to right click and "save as" every time I need to get an image out of Evernote. HELP! PLEASE!!
  2. I searched ("delete multiple shortcuts") and didn't see this as a suggestion, and I also contacted support and the woman who responded suggested that I post this as a feature request . . . I would love to have a way to delete multiple shortcuts at once from the sidebar in the Mac desktop client. It's really easy to accidentally drag and drop notes onto the shortcut bar (if your hand slips even a bit when trying to move notes into a different notebook). When it's just one or two notes, it's no problem, but there are times I've accidentally added a couple of dozen notes to the shortcuts bar
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