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  1. hello i am constantly facing unnecessary spacing issue regarding copy and paste from pdf file (everything is ok when i copy and pace it from any webpage the problem is with pdf file). Every time i have to edit each line of the paragraph to come to the correct format .its taking a toll of my time and energy. please help. i follow the below tips but that doesn't work for me To remove imbedded spacing after copying/pasting into a note: Highlight all the text you want single spaced. In the top Evernote menu bar go to Format - Simplify Formatting or Make Plain Text. Both work. Done! this does not work. please help. this is too important to me because i have a lot of notes to make.
  2. But with this all table and paragraphs got distorted,bold and highlights will vanished .i have tried this many time.its totally not useful.i wonder what is wrong with Evernote team when I came to know that this problem persist since 2017 till now.
  3. The same problem iam facing.tooooooooo irritating killing all my time in editing the useless mononous job.finally thinking to give up Evernote .any other better app for making good note.evernote unnecessarily complicated with limited options.
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