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  1. Oh no, I just replied to a post from 2014 on the same topic and now I see that there multiple posts on the same topic that of course the moderators don't merge because then it would be a huge mega post dating back at least six years! Give your users what they want! Like many, I now add text to the top of a not. But here is a little hack that I used to do if you really want to add text to the end of your note: At the end a note, add a unique code word (like "xENDx") and then use the menu in the note to search for that word. It will take you straight to the end of the notes. I guess this o
  2. Yes, please Evernote, make this happen. A note taking app should be easy to use and intuitive. I keep a food diary on my phone (and my computuer) so I updated several times a day. It is very annoying not to have an options where the note opens with the cursor at the end of the note (or maybe another option could be where the cursor was when you closed the note?) In other words, cursor location should be a pice of data stored in the note. Like others here, I am forced to write my most recent entries at the top of the note. Then if i want to review the whole note, I have to start at the bot
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