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  1. Nevermind you have to have an initial note for the menu to appear. That works.
  2. Over the years I Have gone back and forth a lot between the two. Sometimes I go to OneNote a few months or a year then switch back. I am switching back and I think permanently this time because of all the improvements they have made to evernote. One thing I noticed which is driving me crazy is there is no right click context menu. I tried to right click and hit "New note" and there's no menu at all. Was this taken out or does it just have to be turned on.
  3. I use Evernote for A LOT (practically everything). One thing I started using it for recently is "Code Snippet" database. I have a main folder called "Code Snippets". Then I have folders in their for each language. Then on the pages I have a note for each "Snippet" with one section called "Notes" and one called "Code". The code has just one table cell, and I put all my code in there..and it looks like tags from a forum, without the syntax highlighting. But the entire situation works great for me. Now, I want to setup another notebok within code snippet called "Code Vault". Where I was going
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