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  1. I use Evernote for A LOT (practically everything). One thing I started using it for recently is "Code Snippet" database. I have a main folder called "Code Snippets". Then I have folders in their for each language. Then on the pages I have a note for each "Snippet" with one section called "Notes" and one called "Code". The code has just one table cell, and I put all my code in there..and it looks like tags from a forum, without the syntax highlighting. But the entire situation works great for me. Now, I want to setup another notebok within code snippet called "Code Vault". Where I was going to throw all my "Code Files". If it was an actual site, I would put it in a zip file. I know those can't be searched, but if I have some situations where it's just a few PHP files, and I load them as attachments..can Evernote search those? Meaning if I have a straight .php file attached, and then run a search on Evernote..will it search the text within that .php file (or .htm, or .js, or .css for that matter), or not?
  2. I understand that Evernote, 2 times per day, makes a revision history of all the notes. Then, if your a premium user you can access these...well I have a few questions. 1. How many revisions will Evernote save on a single note..max? 2. Does it only save additional "Review" copies, if there were changes...so if there are changes on 11/2/2011, it makes a revision history, then if it's not touched again for a month, no more changes are made, until the next day that note is changed again? 3. If you have a free account does Evernote still automatically handle the revisions the same way internally? Will it still make internal backups of them, even if you can only access it for premium? So basically if you have a premium account nad you see your histories show up, then you stop premium for 2 months. During those 2 months does the system still save revision on everything..so that when you go back to being Premium member you can see all that were saved during that time? Thanks.
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