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  1. Haven't used tags so far, but looks like this will serve my requirement.....Thanks a bunch! Mahesh
  2. Thanks Max. I'm not sure if I conveyed the message properly. What I meant by 'multiple notebooks in a stack' is having multiple levels of notebooks. When I do 'right click' on a notebook it gives the option of adding the notebook at the top level 'notebook'. NB1 | +----NB2 .......| .......+----NB3 ............. | ..............+----NB4 (ignore the dots, I had to insert there to get the right format) I know following works: NB1 | +---- NB2 | +---- NB3 | +---- NB4 Thanks Mahesh
  3. I can create a stack of two notebooks. Is it possible to create a stack of more than two notebooks? Has anyone tried this. Thanks Mahesh
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