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  1. @gazumped I appreciate the advice, but as a long-time paying customer, my expectation is that the current product work fully and smoothly. A couple bumps along the way would be OK, but it's failing for me nearly. every. single. day. If the product isn't tested and ready, it shouldn't be available. @Mike P You're right I should submit a support ticket. However, much of what I'm reading is that the issues I'm seeing are pretty pervasive for many users, so I would think (and hope) that the Evernote product team is aware and working on it. I also have to imagine that my Evernote clients (macOS and iOS) are firing messages back to the Evernote team about the crashes, errors, etc. I'm seeing. So they should be aware and looking into it already, no? Moreover, a good customer experience could see them reaching out to me to learn more and help stabilize my experience. But I've heard nothing from them.
  2. I've been a customer since 2008. For many years, Evernote was a great tool for me. I've got a huge library of notes from many companies, many research efforts, many personal projects. Lately, though, I've come to really, really dislike it. It doesn't work. It crashes all the time. The desktop app shows me a blank screen for no apparent reason. The mobile app crashes or doesn't sync. It hangs. It wants to update. It cannot open a note in a separate window. I read in the various release notes about all the fancy new features the Evernote team is proudly working on. But for me, the core product just doesn't work. So I'm counting on it less, relying on it less, and really starting to contemplate finding a new tool that's reliable. C'mon Evernote team. Back to basics. Make the core product work reliably.
  3. Adding myself to this growing queue of those who are experiencing the blank notes issue. Frustrating stuff. It's been happening for me intermittently for a few months now. As others do, I have to restart Evernote frequently to see my notes. MacBook Pro, OS X v10.15.7 About Evernote 10.8.5-mac-ddl-public (2367) Editor: v118.1.15148 Service: v1.28.5
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