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  1. Good point. Yesterday, this happened in Mac OS 10.12.6 using the web clipper for Safari 12.0.3. Possibly the same problem has happened using screen clipper, and with the web clipper and Firefox/Chrome. I'll make notes when the problem happens again to see how widespread it is. I wonder if my preferences and EN password for web clipper are stored like a web cookie, such that clearing cookies clears out my filing preferences?
  2. Amen! Anything called "Smart" inevitably isn't. Every Evernote update I forget to check the new default settings, and every update Evernote files away my notes so intelligently that I probably will never see them again. When I clear out my Inbox, I eventually notice a note is missing, and then I gnash my teeth. All I want is my clippings to land in my Inbox and I will handle it from there. Why is this so difficult for Evernote?
  3. I understand that this is a minor feature, but it would also be trivial to implement. So why not just do it? And frankly, many of the major upgrades are features I don't want, or or don't like after I try them, or don't work properly and waste my time. Evernote's core business is (was?) note-taking. At least get that part right! Take a clue from Amazon: every tiny piece of friction in the user experience can add up to the customer looking somewhere else for gratification.
  4. I often use a lot of tags with my notes, and I'd love a way to be able to view all tags on a given note at a glance (no scrolling). I recognize this could be a real estate problem for the browser view, but it seems reasonable for the Information popup -- I want it to be more informative! This request would be for all platforms.
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