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  1. Good point. Yesterday, this happened in Mac OS 10.12.6 using the web clipper for Safari 12.0.3. Possibly the same problem has happened using screen clipper, and with the web clipper and Firefox/Chrome. I'll make notes when the problem happens again to see how widespread it is. I wonder if my preferences and EN password for web clipper are stored like a web cookie, such that clearing cookies clears out my filing preferences?
  2. Amen! Anything called "Smart" inevitably isn't. Every Evernote update I forget to check the new default settings, and every update Evernote files away my notes so intelligently that I probably will never see them again. When I clear out my Inbox, I eventually notice a note is missing, and then I gnash my teeth. All I want is my clippings to land in my Inbox and I will handle it from there. Why is this so difficult for Evernote?
  3. I understand that this is a minor feature, but it would also be trivial to implement. So why not just do it? And frankly, many of the major upgrades are features I don't want, or or don't like after I try them, or don't work properly and waste my time. Evernote's core business is (was?) note-taking. At least get that part right! Take a clue from Amazon: every tiny piece of friction in the user experience can add up to the customer looking somewhere else for gratification.
  4. Thanks for the inputs, all. I'll scan to PDF to hopefully avoid this issue. I'll ponder the "x" idea and test searching by excluding images. I did find some older info today on OCR issues (brain fog yesterday). An Evernote employee (link below) suggested comparing the results of two searches to see if it helped with OCR issues like mine: tax vs +text=tax I've never seen this term "text" in Evernote syntax. I tried it and it eliminated all search results, even positive ones. Maybe I misunderstood her intention.
  5. I've been a Premium user for years. I vaguely remember contacting Evernote support early on about the unreasonable number of false "words" that Evernote's OCR finds in images. I think the response was along the lines of "Yeah, OCR isn't perfect." I begged for a way to turn off this horrid feature until OCR got better. Not possible except by stopping being a Premium member. I turned to tags for searching Evernote, but I didn't like them and still don't. Typing out the syntax is a pain when you have an impaired hand (especially if the tag is more than one word), and if Evernote and I ever part ways, I'm not sure how I'd make use of these tags. Anyway, has this OCR issue been addressed? I'm about to scan a mess of paper, and am trying to decide when to go PDF and when to go JPG. Maybe it doesn't matter, and these artifacts are simply unavoidable in anything Evernote ingests? Should I just drop Premium? In case you don't understand my problem, here's an example. I have a notebook full of landscaping ideas, mostly images. If I search for any random word in that notebook, say the word "tax," the "word" is highlighted in tree trunks, grass, clouds, etc. Examples attached. A search full of false positives isn't much of a search. So I have to search by tag to avoid getting overwhelmed by garbage results. I have 162 notes in that landscaping notebook. The word tax was found correctly in one image. It was found incorrectly in the images of 14 notes. That's a 9% false positive rate. That seems really high to me. Or, to put it another way, 14 out of 15 ( 93%) of my text search results were garbage. I can't be the only one with this problem, but I couldn't find anything on this topic in a cursory search of these forums. This does remind me of the days when "subliminal" advertising was suspected by conspiracy theorists (or maybe it was real!) You know, the word "*****" embedded in every advertising image. In my case, "tax" is everywhere! Talk about unavoidable
  6. Thanks for the solution on this. For English-speaking users, you need to Uncheck the statement "Sort Search Results by Relevance" in this drop down menu. After that, Evernote will remember the default sort order you like, rather than constantly changing to Relevance after every search.
  7. I often use a lot of tags with my notes, and I'd love a way to be able to view all tags on a given note at a glance (no scrolling). I recognize this could be a real estate problem for the browser view, but it seems reasonable for the Information popup -- I want it to be more informative! This request would be for all platforms.
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