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  1. Well, I just tried clipping this whole page using the beta Evernote toolbar applet and no joy, even with Evernote open AND then syncing. How do you spell Bow Gus?
  2. Safari. Now using 5.1 Downloaded the beta extension -- which works fine, if you don't mind the belly dance of 1) having to sign in; 2) uploading everything to the website, only to 3) launch Evernote and 4) sync manually. The old way, clicking on our friendly pachyderm would clip the page, load Evernote, make a note and Bob's your uncle.
  3. Evernote used to be spit simple: you wanted a webpage saved in toto, you clicked the elephant and presto, an Evernote clipping right in your program. Unless I'm missing something -- not difficult to do in the oceans of posts on this site, and a web clipper extension that doesn't make any sense in its description -- when one wants to clip a webpage, it now gets saved to the web site where it then has to be synced into your program later. WTF? It's like someone at Evernote said: how can we really piss off our existing customers? And someone answered: I know, let's make it A LOT more work to get anything into their own program.
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