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  1. I'd like to know why I didn't actually receive an email from evenote regarding the password change. I had to hear it from someone else and see all of my connected applications emails saying password not working.
  2. found it! somehow all my exeception cookies went from allow to block.
  3. it must be a setting in firefox somewhere. i tried going back to firefox 11 with no luck. plus firefox wont let me sign into the forums (have to do it via IE) and i can't even get the link that jbignert posted with the beta version to show on the screen....just blank page. ughh! i live in firefox...must get this working again...it feels like i just went someplace without my cell phone.
  4. any other suggestions? I'm lost without the clipper :-(
  5. well that's odd. i'm using IE to access the forums (since i can't seem to login from firefox) so I clicked the link and pulled up the page in IE. Copied the link over to firefox and all i get is a big blank page. it recognizes that it is an evernote page (the Evernote icon shows in the address bar), but nothing on the page.... i haven't added anything new recently. Ghostery updated so i tried disabling it but clipper still didn't work.
  6. sure - clipper version is and i'm on windows 7. thanks!
  7. i can't get webclipper to work on firefox 12 either. it let's me enter my sign in info but then gets hung up on moving to the clip dialog box. i also couldn't get logged into the forums on firefox...had to go to IE.
  8. ahh "outside the evernote window" was key. i had tried dragging but just back into the nav bar on the left or into the notes section. thanks!
  9. There may be a very obvious solution at the moment that i'm am completely missing and if so i apologize in advance for asking the questions.....How do i get rid of one item from the favorite bar without restoring everything to the default? I'm done with needing to access one particular note every day and would like to remove it from the favorite bar? Thanks!
  10. What a great Pinterest/Evernote integration workaround! thanks Heather. And for the feedmyinbox.com info. Another good site/tool to know about.
  11. i started testing Zendone as well and truly like the possibilities. It is still in beta so they are still working out bugs and adding functionality but it looks very promising. I've been looking for an alternative to Remember the Milk since they have yet to add true Evernote integration (although i do share actions to RTM from evernote and use note links, it is not seamless) and Nozbe et al just never quite fit the bill. The only thing that will keep me from dropping RTM and fully utilizing Zendone just yet is an android app. RTM's android list widget is pretty essential for me at this point. And for some reason i have found RTM's igoogle widget easier to use for quick adds and reshuffles than their website.
  12. Local notebook in evernote? or just local on your computer? Also, I just starting test driving Crash Plan (literally two nights ago so I am still learning the ins and outs), is the evernote file type one that is automatically backed up? Or is it considered application data like my picasa changes, tags, etc and therefore doesn't back up?
  13. i just started putting my recipes in and am tackling my cooking light magazines first. Whatever recipe i see that i might like in the magazine i actually go clip from the website. For others I'm either scanning with Canon p-150 or my phone. I still need to go back through and scan all the recipes i've pulled/marked out of books/magazines over the years. I tag my recipes based on type (ie main dish, side, appetizer, etc) and search by ingredient. And then tag with "I've tried" and add any notes, ie easy, yummy, my daughter loved, what occasion i made it for, or any modifications. I also menu plan (with a "menu" tag) in evernote with a note link to each recipe and my weekly grocery list below the links. my recipe related tags are nested for easy viewing: Recipes MenuRec_MainDishRec_AppRec_SideRec_SlowCookerRec_CasseroleRec_Ref (for any cooking related references I scan...measurement conversions, list of best cookbooks, etc)Etc....
  14. Same right now, although i am trying out zendone in beta and praying they add an android app sooner rather than later.
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