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  1. This is a joke! How can there not be different text sizes on iPhone and iPad?
  2. How can the Evernote team think it's acceptable to release a note taking app that has no 'red underline' spell check? I've just about had it with this buggy app. Seriously thinking of switching to a plain text app such as Vesper or Simplenote.
  3. I've just turned passcode off and then force quit Evernote. It didn't ask for a passcode on re-launch.
  4. Hang on? Why don't you just turn passcode off then? Am I missing something here? iPad: Your name [left top] → Passcode Lock → Off
  5. Thanks for checking in. Here are some screenshots. I haven't been able to get any intitle searches to work. Am I doing something wrong? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s74/sh/2b727474-c361-4df2-9bcd-4b88197cf4bf/0417f68d2a2d5eb188afc034dc573f02 Nope -- I was.... by using an internal build. I can confirm this is a bug, and is fixed in the next version. Sorry about the confusion! Is this why you couldn't reproduce the text editing bugs too? - (disappearing cursor in magnifying glass, no spellcheck red-underline or corrections offered?)
  6. Pressing on a shortcut to a notebook will often take you to 'All Notes’. This 'All Notes' view will only contain 5 or 6 random notes. *1Text editing is a pain, cursor often disappears in magnifying glass. No spellcheck red-underline.Tap on mis-spelt word, offers no correction.Text size is too small. *2In a list of notes, tap a note and slide up to scroll. Note turns grey and opens on release. (iPhone only)Search from inside a notebook, searches ALL NOTES, not JUST the notebook you are currently in.Sometimes freezes whist typing in the search bar. Quit/re-launch needed. *1 Workaround: Remove Notebooks from shortcuts. *2 Workaround: Pinch-to-zoom, not ideal though.
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