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  1. Ok, I have read through the iOS thread and have read the reviews of the latest update in iTunes. This a common issue that Evernote Developers are not commenting on or just plain ignoring. Going to give "Memonic" a try for simple text notes. This version of Evernote is completely unusable. My annual Premium is up for renewal in October, I can't waste $45 on this version! Shame on you Evernote, Driving customers away!
  2. I agrees as well, the desktop and iOS devices do not handle text and text formatting the same. What ever I create on the Desktop, that is then edited on the iOS device and synced back to the desktop is reformatted.
  3. I am running the latest versions of both Mac OSX Lion and iOS versions of Evernote. Since the use of rich text on iOS, my Evernote Experience has been horrible! I am even considering other options. Evernote has been on of my favorite apps. HOW DO I GO BACK TO HAVING CONSISTENT TEXT AND FORMATTING BETWEEN THE DESKTOP AND IOS VERSIONS???????????????? Every time I create or edit a note on the desktop version I am prompted with and append dialog box on the iOS version. Once a note is edited on the iOS version it reformats the note text and spacing between lines of text when it is synced on reopened on the desktop version. I DO NOT NEED FANCY FONTS, Simply want consitancy between my devices. I have tried editing the text setting on the desktop version, but this does not work. Evernote went from my favorite app to having me look for another solution for my notes and note syncing. Please help!
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