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  1. @ehrt74 The widget where you can see a list of notes from a notebook or with a certain tag etc . But I get it now, I saw what Evernote did to the homepage of the web version, and the widgets will probably come back... in the premium version!!! I think it's ok for them to do that but the premium widgets should be available right now! They're lucky their competition is not very good with widgets and multiplatform support otherwise I would be gone already... But I will keep investigating until I have everything I need, until then I'll be mad...
  2. I am very surprised that you launched a new version without the widgets ! The widgets were the only reason I was using Evernote. I finally had a system that worked wonders and it's all gone because of the version 10 update. Can I have access to version 9 of the android app please? Thank you for your help.
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