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  1. You are kidding us. No one is waiting for a dedicated Share button (in awful green) and I do not want shortcut keys! Just another commercial descision and an extra mouse-click in our workflows.
  2. You know how Ian Small could really make a difference: Get involved with your users and let us hear your voice (personally)! ??
  3. No one asked for this. But EN is very good in implementing things we did NOT ask for and NOT implementing things we all ask for. And it's also half implemented, it does not allow to store title and tags in a template?!
  4. Well, there are not many alternatives out there if you look at the base feature set of EN. The featureset and the sync-service of EN is actually quite good and I have decided to stick around for one more subscription year. But the company keeps amazing me in being so deaf
  5. Evernote does not listen to it's users so they certainly won't implement features that we users (here) are asking for. It's a shame, but reality.
  6. Indeed very fustrating. I just want single line spacing for body text and lists.
  7. "I contradict users who post incorrect information and whining boohoo posts" Hmm, that makes me think: if Evernote would really listen to it's customers then there would not be so many peoply "Whining" ?
  8. Another 'feature' nobody requested. Now Im stuck with this button I never ever use. Must be this constant 'Business' pressure from EN.
  9. I hear your arguments, but i'm not reassured at all. But let's see what the future brings us.
  10. Ervernote may be on its deathbed and I think everything in these kind of articles is convincing me that there IS a problem. Otherwise they wouldn't have been in the news this way.
  11. There must be someone at EN who likes green buttons. I expect more of this useless cosmetic changes.
  12. Thanks, now we need two clicks for presentation, note details etc. Please tell me EVERNOTE, hoe many of your 225 million users did that request?
  13. @EdH I could not agree more! I guess their development capacity is huge, why not use it to develop stable software and integrate features users are asking for.
  14. Read carefully: "I personally do not have any problem with the former premium rates", I would happily pasy double $69 but the product does not gety any better over time. And yes, I know because I'm a paying user since 2010 and holding my breath every time EN releases a new version.
  15. https://9to5mac.com/2018/09/04/evernote-premium-membership-death-spiral/#more-549908 This 'death spiral' would be a shame but in my opinion not unexpected. I personally do not have any problem with the former premium rates but the product is still too buggy after all these years and I do not see any sensible software development (except for strange new buttons, logo color changes, removed functionality etc.). The company does not seem to listen to it's customers. It's is not strange that people are moving away from this product. ?
  16. Yes this is exactly the behaviour, the lack of communication and involvement with the usergroup strikes me. Evernote is going down-hill. I leave with pain in my heart. Evernote has so much potental but it doesn't show. I'm in the process of selecting an alernative, will let you know how I ended up @TK0047, thanks for your kind words!
  17. Dear Evernote, For the past 8 years, Evernote has been my main application for capturing, storing, structuring and finding my information. In recent years I’ve captured information in literally thousands of notes. But unfortunately, my love for Evernote is over. Over the past few years I have seen little improvement in Evernote, at least improvements that are helpful for me as a frequent Evernote user. With every new version, Evernote introduces many new bugs and removes features which I did not ask for. I have no longer the idea that the Evernote team is working hard to improve the application according to things we ask for. There might have been put a lot of energy in the Spaces functionality and the business options, but I wasn't waiting for these features and would have preferred a stable Evernote version with new features like Mark down, presentation and theme's (which I think many people are waiting for). It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. It is time to look for another love to which I can entrust my information and knowledge. So long Evernote!
  18. I'm so curious who at Evernote decides to invent this new 'New note button'. There's already a New Note button in the toolbar. In all those years I see this pointless 'improvements' to the UI. What a shame for once such a great product.
  19. What a waste of time this new button. Wasting precious space while there already is an add button. Don't they have anything better to do ?
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