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  1. Depending on what tablet you are using make sure the tab key works too when typing a note...mine on the Asus Transformer doesn't tab correctly so it doesn't indent instead it cycles through some of the bold, italics functions...also I lost a bunch of notes today in class on my first test drive of evernote (after hitting the save key it didn't save it apparently)...I like how it works on a laptop and desktop but the honeycomb/android client is not working well at all for me...I'm going to be lugging my laptop around class until they fix it...still going to study the notes that I've made using the tablet though because it is more flexible to read on that device rather than my laptop. Good thing I didn't sell my laptop like I had planned to. The lack of delete bothered me at first...not sure why it isn't an option...but you can login to your computer and delete if you need to...although evernote seems to delete things anyways for me automatically lol Let me know if you find something better though...I haven't.
  2. Well the same thing happened to me...even after I hit "save" I'm not sure of the point of the "save" button if it gets rid of all my work...luckily my prof uploads an audio version of the lecture and this gives me an excuse to ask the hot girls in class if I can borrow their notes...unfortunately this is the hardest class I've taken and losing all my notes is not going to be easy to recover because I put in extra notes that make sense to me to explain things. Also the tab key won't work on the asus transformer...making it a pain in the rear to type notes.
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