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  1. Actually, I discovered a workaround. You can drag-and-drop the selected page thumbnails to the Desktop. This creates a new PDF document. You can then drag-and-drop that document into a notebook within Evernote. It works, but it adds several additional steps including the need to then delete the temporary document. Is there an easier way?
  2. A very common workflow for me was to open a large PDF in Preview (on the Mac) and then to select a set of page thumbnails within Preview and drag-and-drop them into Evernote. Evernote no longer seems to support this feature. Is that by design? Am I missing something? Is there a work-around?
  3. Easiest if I explain the scenario: Lauch the Evernote Mac client. Define a tag. Let's call it "mytag". Assign the tag to 10 notes. Sync. Look at each note to confirm that the tag is assigned. Yep! Look at the tag to confirm that it's count is "10". Yep! View all notes. Search for the tag (tag:mytag). Evernote finds some of the notes with the tag, but not all of them. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Tech support suggested I delete the Evernote client and reinstall it from the website, not the Mac App Store. I have done that, and there is no change in behavior. If this is indeed a problem and not user error, it seems pretty serious.
  4. I have the same issues...Print > Save PDF to Evernote...nothing happens. I spoke with Evernote support, and they confirmed this is a bug with the latest Evernote Mac client. They didn't give me any workarounds or any ETA for when it would be fixed. As a workaround, I Print > Open PDF in Preview and then drag-and-drop into Evernote. Works fine, but much more cumbersome than it used to be. As an aside, it makes me very sad that the Evernote development team is so prone to introducing these regressions with each release. Does not inspire confidence.
  5. What does the script do? This script examines the tags for the selected notes in Evernote. For each tag it then traverses the Evernote tag tree all the way up to the root ultimately replacing the tag with all the tags along its path. Say, for example, a note is tagged with "apple". Also say that the tags are organized as follows: plant food fruit apple fuji honeycrisp red delicious pear bartlett d'anjou vegetable greens chard lettuceRunning Taggify Evernote on that note will result in the tag "apple" being replaced by the tags "plant", "food", "fruit", and "apple" sorted alphabetically. By the way, as the program runs it counts off the notes so you have some idea of how far along it has worked. You can adjust this by modifying the properties below. Why would I want to do this? Two reasons: If you structure your tags hierarchically, and then apply all the tags along a path, you can search for tag:fruit for example and get any note with the tags apple, fuji, honeycrisp, red delicious, pear, bartlett, or d'anjoy. It saves you from having to manually enter all the tags along a path. Disclaimer: I offer this script as-is and make no guarantees that it will do what you want. Although I have tested it extensively and use it on a daily basis, you may discover a bug I didn’t catch. Start out using it on a single note. Feel free to use the code as a basis for your own scripting work. Taggify Evernote.scpt.zip
  6. I want to use Skitch to grab a section of the screen and then paste the image on top of another image with its background transparent. Pictorially, I want to accomplish Figure 1 (see attachment). (Sorry to use attachments, but the website wouldn't let me directly embed a link to a Droplr-hosted image.) However, all Skitch will let me do is Figure 2 (see attachment). I'm using PNGs. I set the background to transparent in Skitch properties. I even select Image > Background Color to Transparent. All to no avail. What am I missing? Is it possible to designate a color in Skitch as the background and then to make the background transparent?
  7. JMichael, thanks for the update. Sorry to say, but that's pretty appalling. I know it's easy to see things from our own perspectives, but I have to believe that Mac users have a substantial impact — in mindshare if not in numbers — on Evernote's success. It doesn't seem too much to ask that we have a feature set on par with Windows users.
  8. Saved searches on the Mac do not have the following features which are available on the Windows client: A dialog for creating the search (on Mac you have to enter the search syntax directly) A way to edit the rules for a saved search or to even see what the rules are It would be nice if the Mac client had equivalent functionality to the Windows client. No one likes to think they are a second class citizen.
  9. Suggestion! You mean, there is no way to hide the note counts! You have got to be kidding! Do you guys actually ever do any usability testing or have any regard for actual workflows? As a paying customer, I have to say I am very disappointed in how the product has "matured." I originally signed up for Evernote based on the server-side features knowing that the client UI was clunky but hoping that it would evolve in a positive way. It has not done that.
  10. Is there any way to hide the note count that appears to the right of each notebook? It really isn't generally useful to me, and most of the time I would opt to hide it. It's just more UI clutter that can be eliminated. Having a feature to selective show/hide the counters would be nice.
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