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  1. Its a shame how Evernotes discloses what is going on . It scares me being an intesive user of an APP that is managed like rookies . So far its more than a week sincce I cannot recevie emails into my Evernote . Without this feature working , Evernote is useless for me . Have a ticket open with "tech support" and NO response . I have no other chance to contact or chat with somebody on the HELP side . Shame shame shame shame .
  2. I have the same issue since last week . Opened a ticket . I write every day to the tech support desk . Ask them to give me a call to know exactly what is going on , or at least to give me a timeline for a solution . I use the "forward emails to my evernote acct" function a lot . I am frustrated with evernote tech suppor , not a single call , not a single explaination of what is going on .
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